PDF/A is the appellation for the ISO norm 19005 and defines a standard document format for the long term archiving of electronical documents. The norm ensures which PDF function have to be contained or not to archive documents in the long term.

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Long-term archiving

PDF/A ensures safe reproduction of documents on technologically unpredictable periods.

Environmentally friendly

PDF / A as an electronic equivalent of the paper allows fast and paperless processes.

International Standard

ISO 19005 (PDF/A) is managed by the international community in an open and democratic process.


PDF / A documents are technically correct and validators offer the possibility of checking

Homogeneous Archive

PDF / A enables the synchronization of electronic and scanned document types and simplifies the complexity.

Guaranteed Content

PDF/A provides a solid foundation for compliance and audit compliance.

Advantages of PDF/A

Full-Text Search

PDF / A stores objects such as text characters and graphics. So that the full text can be searched in an entire archive efficiently. A TIFF is a raster format and must first be scanned using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


PDF / A format is optimizable. Depending on the application the priority can be on image quality (for example, checks) or extraction of structured data (eg voucher). TIFF makes no difference here.


Metadata such as title, author, creation date, modification date, subject, keywords, etc. can be stored in a PDF/A file. Based on the metadata PDF files can be classified automatically, without manual intervention .

File Size

PDF / A files need only a fraction of the space of original or TIFF files without losing quality. The smaller file size affects especially in the electronic communications (FTP, e-mail, etc.) of documents.

PDF/A Competence Center

an association of worldwide leading companies and experts in the field of PDF technology. The purpose of the PDF / A Competence Center is to promote information and experience exchange in the field of long-term archiving in accordance with ISO 19005: PDF / A.
The PDF Association was founded in 2006 as the PDF / A Competence Center. Their goal is the introduction and implementation of international standards for PDF technology.

XKEY at PDF/A Competence Center

Overview of PDF/A Standards

  • The Federal Chamber of Architects and Consulting Engineers (bAIK) in Austria requires compliance to the standard PDF / A-1b for public electronic documents. The PDFA printer was purchased as a general license for bAIK.

    bAIK PDFA Printer (Arch_Ing)
  • As a document management software vendor time has a special significance. Because our customers want to view and print archived documents and records reliable even after more than 10 years. Therefore we integrate software products of X KEY in our DMS solutions for legally compliant long-term archiving and output management. Reliable products from a competent partner. This is how successful business works!

    H&S Heilig und Schubert Software AG

PDF/A Produkte

eDocPrintPro PDF/A

PDF/A Printer

Creates PDF/A-1b, 2b or -3b ISO compliant PDF documents through a printing process.


PDF(/A) Converter Service

Conversion to PDF, PDF / A incl. OCR via web service interface.

eDocPrintPro ZUGFeRD

PDF/A-3 Printer

Electronic invoices. Structured data as an embedded XML .


Outlook 2010/2013 Plug-In

Convert emails or entire email folders with all their e-mail messages to PDF or PDF/A.


Smart PDF OCR processing

OCR processor - creates searchable PDF and PDF/A documents


PDF-Total Document

Complex total documents from various original documents.

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